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Golf Lessons

For any questions or additional information, please call the golf shop at (714) 765-3481 or you can email Toby Here

While it is my own personal belief that everyone is different, our goal when we play golf is the same(get the ball into the hole in the fewest swings possible.) I use the V1 Video teahing software when I teach lessons on he driving range. This system allows me to look at your swing frame by frame and analize the key elements we need to work on your swing. The nice part is you(the student) can see your own swing as it progresses, beginning to end of the lesson and see the improvements, not just your results of how you are hitting the golf ball. I also have hundreds of PGA, LPGA and Sr. PGA touring professionals to show you side by side what happens in the golf swing and what makes it work for them. I can also run a short lesson recap and upload it to youtube so you can look at your swings at home, show them to your friends, post them to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Private Instruction

Individual lessons

$50 for 30 Minutes

$100 for 60 minutes


Add $20 per additional student per lesson



Group Instruction

We can customize a private group lesson or lessons to accomidate 5-20 people. Email or call us to create a corporate or family group that fits YOUR schedule and needs.

Private group information, please call (714) 765-3481